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Setting Page Save = Internal Server Error

PostPosted: 1:42am, Tue 25 Nov, 2014
by lunarwinds

I have just finished upgrading from 3.0.5 to 3.0.10. In the previous installation, I had no errors of this kind. However, since I have upgraded, every time I save the settings page it encounters an internal server error. Likewise if I try to unsubscribe one of my test emails from a list using the links in the footer. I have exhausted all options. I have checked permissions, looked at the .htaccess file...etc. The rest of the installation functions fine. It sends emails...etc.

My concern is a subscriber will want to unsubscribe or change preferences and be able to do so. This is for use in a commercial setting, so I would like to keep subscribers happy!

Thanks for any help and insight you may be able to provide!

Re: Setting Page Save = Internal Server Error

PostPosted: 9:00am, Tue 25 Nov, 2014
by duncanc
You might find something about the 500 error in the web server error log.

Otherwise, what value do you have for $pageroot in your config.php file, and for "Website address (without http://)" on the Settings page? And what is the url for accessing your phplist?