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[SOLVED] Configuration of MySQL host

PostPosted: 3:56am, Sun 25 Jan, 2015
by rcolpo
My website is hosted in a server where I don't know if MySQL is installed. It probably runs on windows.

Is the "database_user" and "database_password" created for each file or there is a sinlge one for the whole server? Is it the same password I use to update my website?

My website is ""

This means I should complete the config.php file with
$database_host = "" ?

Sorry but I'm completely naive about MySQL and the documantation don't answer these questions. I successfully copied the "lists" file in my webpage:

Best regard and thank you.

Re: Configuration of MySQL host

PostPosted: 9:58am, Sun 25 Jan, 2015
by Dragonrider

Does your web host offer some sort of control panel? Usually this is cPanel or Plesk though there are others.
Do you pay for your hosting or is it free? (If it's free, you probably don't have MySQL or PHP, in which case phpList won't work.

Your Database settings should something like these:
cPanel Configuration Settings

Host name = either localhost (literally put localhost) or a specific name shown in your database section of your cPanel.
Database name = (cpanelUsername_databaseName)
Database username = (cpanelUsername_databaseUsername)
Database password = (the password you picked)

Where do you make the changes? In lists/config/config.php file.

If you do not have this info, ask your host what to use, if they say they don't offer MySQL then find a new host, one that does.

Re: Configuration of MySQL host

PostPosted: 5:43pm, Tue 03 Feb, 2015
by rcolpo
Thanks a lot Dragonrider.

I did some progress in installing PhpList.

The web host I'm using is from a friend of mine and it does have cPanel. I logged in and created a MySQL Database, a user with all privileges and linked the database to the user. Then I added my IP address in the allowed list of "Remote Database Access Hosts".

At this point I was able to remotely access the MySQL database I have created using HeidiSQL. Then I used the same configuration of HeidiSQL in the config.php file and updated it to

Unfortunately I still have the following error message when accessing

"Unknown database host to connected to, please check your configuration"

Any guesses?

Re: Configuration of MySQL host

PostPosted: 6:29pm, Tue 03 Feb, 2015
by Dragonrider
Obviously I cannot read your config file, but if you PM me with your database settings that you have in config.php and the same from your HeidiSQL settings, I would hopefully be able to return you a working section of your config.php file

There should be no need to use remote access within phpList.

Re: Configuration of MySQL host

PostPosted: 10:07am, Thu 05 Feb, 2015
by rcolpo
Even using the server' IP address as host name I could not connect, but then I added the server' IP address in the list of allowed IPs to have "Remote Database Access Hosts", and it worked.
Adding my IP in the "Remote Database Access Hosts" list (available in the cPanel) is necessary for me to have access to my MySQL database using a MySQL client like Navicat, phpMyAdmin, Workbench, Dreamweaver or HeidiSQL. I was when I realized that when I'm trying to connect to the database through my website, it was not my IP address which was accessing the database, but the website IP address. So I added the website IP address into the "Remote Database Access Hosts" list, and it worked.

Re: Configuration of MySQL host

PostPosted: 10:44am, Thu 05 Feb, 2015
by Dragonrider
Thanks for posting your solution. It may help someone else who has the same issue.
Much appreciated. :)