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Confirmation page content

PostPosted: 10:11pm, Sun 22 Feb, 2015
by skyblueman

Where can I edit the text below that appears on the confirmation page?

"Thank you for confirming your subscription to our newsletters. The newsletters you are subscribed to are listed below"

BTW, it is not listing the newsletters I am subscribed to.

Thanks so much,

Re: Confirmation page content

PostPosted: 8:20am, Mon 23 Feb, 2015
by Dragonrider
All preset texts are stored in lists/texts/ files, where language is as listed in the texts directory, for example, I use In the english file, this text is on line 47.

When editing, make absolutely sure not to lose a quote/double quote or semi colon! Also, if you add a apostrophe, you also add a / before it. EG: "your/'s"

Re: Confirmation page content

PostPosted: 5:32pm, Sun 01 Mar, 2015
by skyblueman
Thank you very much for this information