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returns in statistic

PostPosted: 11:52am, Sat 28 Mar, 2015
by satriani22
hallo, i´m new here and would be very glad if somebody could help me. today i sent a newsletter with about 2.500 email-adresses and a lot mails came back to my registered mail-adresse for sending mails.

now i wanted details of the returned mails in modul "statistic", but for my surprise there is absolutely "0" entry to find.

do i have to change some settings ???? or what can i do to fix this problem ?

i´m looking forward to your reply.

best regards


Re: returns in statistic

PostPosted: 10:58pm, Thu 02 Apr, 2015
by danwaterloo
In config.php, set:



I'm assuming you processed the bounces... either manually or via command line/cron job (?)