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Commandline access

PostPosted: 4:32pm, Wed 21 Aug, 2013
by bigRoN18
I don't believe I have shell access to my hosting account but I'm having an issue of needing to throttle my sending, requiring that the processing of the queue be automated or run manually several times. I have tried to set up a cron job to process the queue automatically by following instructions seen elsewhere.

I have modified the bash script "phplist" found in the bin folder to match the paths of the PHP installation and the paths of PHPlist's config and admin folders and uploaded it to my hosting account. In my config.php file, I have set the throttling settings and under the "$commandline_users = array("admin");" line, I have replaced "admin" with my cPanel username. I'm not sure if the quotes are needed around username or not... not quite clear but it is not working properly for me either way. I set my cron job to operate and send the results of the job to my email account. When the cron job is run, I get an email with HTML code for a login page.

I had read something that made me think it could be related to something related to PHP-CLI vs. PHP-CGI. I saw instructions of altering the first line of the script file and called for a different cron entry that included a login and password. When that cron script ran, I got a return of an email with nothing but the text of the script file.

I'm frustrated in the fact I know only enough to be dangerous but barely know what I'm doing. If anyone can figure out what my problem is, I'd appreciate it.

Re: Commandline access

PostPosted: 8:33pm, Mon 26 Aug, 2013
by bigRoN18
My CRON line now works with:
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/usr/local/bin/php /home/USERNAME/public_html/list/admin/index.php -p processqueue -c /home/USERNAME/public_html/list/config/config.php   

Obviously, the "USERNAME" is my hosting service username. The CRON job works wonderfully now.