Subscriber Lists not showing

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Subscriber Lists not showing

Postby eddiesss » 8:56pm, Wed 28 Aug, 2013

My website :
the subscriber lists in the previous version were starting to misbehave in respect i could not add any more
I've just upgraded to the latest version 3.0.2, now none of the subscriber lists show when you click the link,
theirs a check box alongside each subscriber list i create to make public, the 4 lists i want to show the check box is dead & unable to check it, to add more lists the check box is live but they dont show either ?
Any ideas
Kind regards
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Re: Subscriber Lists not showing

Postby Sven2157 » 9:25pm, Wed 28 Aug, 2013

For your maximum list problem, in the 'config/config.php', see line ~130:
Code: Select all
# if you use login, how many lists can be created per administrator

For the lists appearing, your should set a Category. Then add your lists. In the sort order, number then from 0 - 3 ( computers count zero as a number, and start counting from there ). This will be the order they are displayed. Also, make sure that they are all set as 'public' lists!

Now go to your Subscribe page, in the Admin section, and edit it. At the bottom, click the bar labeled, "Select the lists to offer", and check each one you want. Now check it.

Hope that helps! :wink:

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