Queue processing reports seem to have vanished in 3.0.5

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Queue processing reports seem to have vanished in 3.0.5

Postby patm64 » 4:42pm, Wed 23 Oct, 2013

After upgrading from Version 2 to 3.0.5, queue processing reports seem to have vanished. All I can get now is start and end of a campaign.

This variable:
seems to have been removed in 3.0.5. Even if I add it to my config I don’t get the processing reports.

The result is that I don’t get any reports during queue processing, either for sending messages (via the cron job) or for processing bounces (done interactively).

Is it possible to set a config option so I get the functionality previously provided by "define('SEND_QUEUE_PROCESSING_REPORT',1):
• Queue processing messages sent to the System Admin when messages are sent via a cron job.
• Bounce Processes sent to the System Admin when bounce processing invoked via the UI

My cron is:
/usr/local/bin/php /home/user/public_html/phplist/admin/index.php -c /home/user/public_html/phplist_dir/config/config.php -p processqueue >> /home/user/public_html/phplist/processqueue.log 2>&1

The info I would like the System Admin to receive by email ends up in processqueue.log
Thanks in advance
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