Problem with subscribe and confirm notifications

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Problem with subscribe and confirm notifications

Postby patm64 » 4:47pm, Wed 23 Oct, 2013

After upgrading from Version 2 to 3.0.5, subscribe and confirm notifications now go to the owner of the list. They used to go to the System administrator.

These notifications seem to be tied to the config option: define('USE_ADMIN_DETAILS_FOR_MESSAGES',1);

If I set the above to 0 then the notifications go to a default address (OK). However on creating a message the From: address is also the default address (Not OK for me).

Is it possible to set any config options to enable the Version 2 behaviour whereby
• Subscribe and Confirm notifications go to the System administrator
• The “From:” email address is automatically entered as the email of the person creating the message

Thanks in advance
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