Strange Subscriber History...

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Strange Subscriber History...

Postby 57Goldtop » 2:27am, Sat 09 Nov, 2013

I’m putting this in the v3 topics since I’m now on v3.0.5 but this has been happening all along, even with my prior v2 installation:

I noticed that most (all) subscriber have an incorrect subscription history. For example when I click on a particular subscriber and look at their history detail it shows:
Was subscribed to: MAG_PE
Was subscribed to: CLIENTS
Was subscribed to: NYCFotoworks 2013
Was subscribed to: CORP
Was subscribed to: MAG_AD
Is now subscribed to: MAG_PE
Is now subscribed to: CLIENTS
Is now subscribed to: NYCFotoworks 2013
Is now subscribed to: CORP
Is now subscribed to: MAG_AD

But this subscriber was never subscribed to anything other than CLIENTS. What’s going on with all the other changes it’s showing?
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