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[FORWARD] - Issue with Amazon SES.

PostPosted: 4:32pm, Tue 19 Nov, 2013
by utopiaopera
Hi. I have setup PL to connect with Amazon. It seems to be working great so far, except for the FORWARD feature.

When I click the forward link in a test email, it opens up the forwarding page where the user enters the email they want to forward it on to, but it fails to send. In the events log, I get this:

Code: Select all
Amazon SES status 400 HTTP/1.1 100 Continue HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request x-amzn-RequestId: 8d158fab-512f-11e3-bd09-3f6a7277ba4f Content-Type: text/xml Content-Length: 276 Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2013 15:30:42 GMT Sender MessageRejected Email address is not verified. 8d158fab-512f-11e3-bd09-3f6a7277ba4f

I'm guessing the feature is trying to send the email as coming From: the address as the person sending it, and Amazon is going "who's this? this person isn't a verified sender on Amazon SES!!!"

Obviously, I can't verify every Tom, Dick and Harry on our list on Amazon SES as a verified address... So anyway around it.

Obviously the best way would be to send the emails from one address specified by me, like,

Any help appreciated.


Re: [FORWARD] - Issue with Amazon SES.

PostPosted: 3:28am, Thu 18 Dec, 2014
by abhiz2007
am facing the same isssue. I have verified my self in all zones yet am unauthorized.