attributes blank in Subscriber Details

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attributes blank in Subscriber Details

Postby glrfcentral » 5:00am, Tue 03 Dec, 2013

Hi -

I have rewritten this topic several times in an attempt to be very clear.


The db table: `phplist_user_user_attribute` shows all of the values for each userid and attibuteid. Okay, so what's the problem?

If I search for a subscriber by email, and then click on the linked user email, I see the page labeled 'Details of a Subscriber' but almost ALL of the attributes show "--no value"


When I use the simple attribute select plugin, and select the criteria I want (and the fields are correct, 'select' type fields), the newsletter goes to the entire membership base. This isn't the fault of the plugin. All of the subscribers have no values in the attributes and therefore the simple attribute select cannot do its job.

Contradiction: database tables shows that each user has the attributes and yet the details of a subscriber shows no values.

What is wrong?

Thanks for considering my issue.

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