Bounced messages do not get processed: Unnamed List

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Bounced messages do not get processed: Unnamed List

Postby rdquiterio » 9:24am, Wed 02 Apr, 2014


My system is phplist version: 3.0.5 on OpenSUSE.

Today I had one strange event with bounced messages: I processed it manually but they didn't get processed. The log follows for one of the manual processings:

12 bounces to fetch from the mailbox
Please do not interrupt this process
Closing mailbox, and purging messages
Identifying consecutive bounces
total of 0 subscribers processed

Besides that, when I do a "Manage Bounces" - "View Bounces" the resulting list shows all of the bounced messages with the subscriber as being "UNKNOWN" !?. In the detais of these bounces, the "Comment" field shows "duplicate bounce for 10".

It is the first time it occurs.
By the way, I'm using accented characters for list names. I tried to reproduce this event with an equivalent name but was not successful.

Thanks for any help. Regards.
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