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Using Password

Postby carty » 12:55am, Sat 19 Apr, 2014

Hi there, me again.

Seems the more I dig in, the more I find :roll: not usalble:

# if you also want to force people who unsubscribe to provide a password before
# processing their unsubscription, set this to 1. You need to have the above one set
# to 1 for this to have an effect

OK, this is a total waste. First of, who is still doing this manually? I can't think of 1. Second, it's totally 101% useless, because if it's someone like me, who has more domains and uses a local mail client, clicking on the "Password Reminder" doesn't notify the list owner neither, ...( GEE, can it be made more complicated than it already is?) - it would open my mail client to actually send an EMAIL. WOW. ANd then? Well, then - how on earth should MY email client know, which domain to use? Heck, this is a complete stuff up. This "Password" thing, better don't have it at all. Least not until it is up to a level where someone actually really could make use of it.

Sorry for my bitching, but consider yourself someone who wanted to unsubscribe and then has to go through all this trouble, misleading actually, since I may just use a wrong domain/email to request a password and on the other end, they would not have a clue WHO I am ????

Gosh, I could end up in jail for that. :!:

So please, take it OUT, please. 8)

Thank you
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