"Database Details Incomplete" Error During Upgrade

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"Database Details Incomplete" Error During Upgrade

Postby StudioJoe » 8:39pm, Sun 27 Apr, 2014

On first 2 attempts to upgrade from 3.0.5 to 3.0.6 on a Win7 Home Premium 64-bit machine, logging into the phplist admin gui I got a blank screen with the message:

Database details incomplete, please check your config file

The only difference in my config.php file from 3.0.5 was the addition of the below changes:

Code: Select all
#  enable database connection compression
$database_connection_compression = false;

# force database connection to use SSL
$database_connection_SSL = false;

On the third try I removed the above code and reinstated my 3.0.5 config.php with no changes and upgrade was a success. Just posting in case someone else experiences the same error.
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