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PhpList Stopped Working

PostPosted: 8:37pm, Tue 29 Apr, 2014
by sercastic
Hello I have phplist 3.0.6
Using Chrome 34.0.1847.116

Hello, I Installed phplist a few months ago, Ive been sending campaigns and its been working perfect I have used URL Websites, about 1 month ago, it stoped working, it said emails sent but 0 Read. I couldn even send a test email.

I noticed there was an upgrade version available so I upgraded my version, it worked fine, and started to send campaigns again. One week ago I tried to send a new campaign but didnt work again, so I thought that if I upgraded again to 3.0.6 would fix my problem, but this time wont work any more.

I have tried sending URL Campaigns, a simple "Hello World", but nothing.

I would really apreciate any help.