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Remove from Blacklist

Postby TexasTennis » 10:00pm, Sun 29 Jun, 2014

We recently upgraded to PHPList 3.0.6 (after earlier this year upgrade to 3.0.5).

We have several subscribers incorrectly blacklisted, but can't figure how to remove from them from the blacklist.

In the "Details of subscriber" for these subscribers, the "Is this subscriber Blacklisted?" entry is "YES", but this can not be edited.

I am able to access the PHPList mysql database (using phpMyAdmin) and see the tables: user_blacklist and user_blacklist_data. To remove a subscriber from the blacklist can a subscribers record(s) simply be removed from these 2 tables?

Or please offer suggestion(s) on how to remove these subscribers from the blacklist.

Thank you.
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Re: Remove from Blacklist

Postby duncanc » 6:37am, Mon 30 Jun, 2014

On the subscriber details page, click the History button and then the Subscription tab.
On there you can remove the blacklist status.

You can also add this to your config.php file. Then the blacklist removal will be on the subscriber details page itself.
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Re: Remove from Blacklist

Postby balidave » 3:31am, Thu 24 Jul, 2014

For some reason I did NOT have the option to remove from the blacklist at all (not on History/Subscriptions). I'm still in 3.0.5 but didn't see such a fix for 3.0.6.

After I added the line duncanc suggested to my config file, I now get the Remove From Blacklist button in the profile. That works OK.
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