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Exclude one particular link from Google Tracking Code

PostPosted: 11:56am, Thu 31 Jul, 2014
by Jappie

I've just upgraded from a heavily customised version 2.10.12 to the latest 3.0.6. I've not really wanted to as I'm afraid many customisations won't be easy to migrate to the new platform, however a PHP upgrade has basically forced me to.

On to the good bits; I've tested and analysed the Google Tracking Code for campaigns, which seems a really interesting new feature. However... one of my links (which is pointing to an online demo of a python server) doesn't like the additional Analytics paramaters at the end of the link and actually chokes on them.

Any way of excluding the Google Tracking for one particular link using some sort of switch? Or - but it's a bit off topic in this forum - if there are some really python savvy people in this community, how can I configure the server to just neglect the additional parameters?

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Internal Server Error

{"message": "WebClient Error", "code": 300, "data": {"debug": "Client Traceback (most recent call last):\n File \"\", line 276, in dispatch\n r = method(self, **self.params)\nTypeError: login() got an unexpected keyword argument 'utm_campaign'\n", "type": "client_exception"}}