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only sent to aktive users.

PostPosted: 7:49am, Mon 04 Aug, 2014
by comware
I'm fiddling with phplist and seems not quite I can find a solution
on my job. what I'm looking for is when there has to be sent out a 7 days time I would like to send only to active consumers who have open or click in the mail the siste 7 day's time. and whe that throw away quietly not active consumer of system utilization.
thus only send to 100% active users.
there is an addons or a way to do it

opportunities I seek is
when i put a mail. I can select the date for active users in the system. when I selected a list. so it only sends to active consumers.

if it does not exist I would like to pay for the solution can be made​​.
perhaps as addons.