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Postby TranceMeeting » 1:52pm, Thu 14 Aug, 2014

I searched the Forum (someone had asked in May) if there is a way to STOP sending an email confirming that you are unsubscribed. The message stating that you are is more than enough, we don't need another email. I guess we need to <!-- --> a couple of lines but where are they ?

PS: the unsubscribe function that sends the email in question is also likely, with some providers, to tell you that your own emails are either spam or a virus so they will not be sent. Whereas ALL the other emails are sent / received fine (must confirm.... confirmation... newsletter... NO PROBLEM).

I would really love to hear what the author of the program thinks... this is a great program which need some adjustments but being a beginner that is not an easy task.

Thank you!

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