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Postby trempesthumphries » 4:14am, Wed 27 Aug, 2014

I'm using v 3.05 and it takes 10 hours to send one email campaign to a list of 150,000 subscribers.

Any advice on improving the send process? Could I change the value of MAX_SENDPROCESS from 1 to 10? Does that even help?

Thanks in advance!
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Postby danwaterloo » 7:02pm, Sun 31 Aug, 2014

I think the answer to this falls in the 'just because you can doesn't mean you should'

You should be monitoring how many emails get delivered, and are bounce, and are rate blocked (att, aol, yahoo, etc.).

Once you have your bounces processed, your list will be cleaner, and your 'effective rate' (emails actually delivered to existing email addresses) will be higher due to not sending emails that won't be delivered.

Lastly, 15k/hour is a pretty decent rate, at this point you need to see what is keeping it at this speed, it will either be the speed of the computer to process the php scripts, the database access times, the size of the email content itself, the email server speed, the internet connection bandwidth. Adjust the 'weakest link' accordingly.
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