Character problems + pagetitle [SOLVED]

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Character problems + pagetitle [SOLVED]

Postby MikeVince » 8:50am, Thu 28 Aug, 2014

After installing I got some problems
1- All accentuated characters are bad (I've already try all the solution I Found in this forum)
2-All of the links in the menu starts with "Pagetitle:"

See screen capture

The rest seems to works

Can you help ?
Thx in advance
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Re: Character problems + pagetitle

Postby Dragonrider » 9:26am, Thu 28 Aug, 2014

HI Mike, welcome to the forums.

In the first place, I'd recommend you update to the latest version, currently 3.0.7 as there have been several security updates since your version (3.0.2)

This may indeed fix your problems by overwriting the files in case any are missing or corrupted.

Save your existing config/config.php file before you do and use it to replace the new version once you've updated the installation to 3.0.7

See if that helps.
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Re: Character problems + pagetitle

Postby MikeVince » 11:23am, Thu 28 Aug, 2014

Thanks for your reply

I've upgrade to 3.0.7 with no problem
- the "Pagetitle:" issue is solved

But the encoding problem is still there

Any advices ?
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