Spam Control sub domain and main domain

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Spam Control sub domain and main domain

Postby aueae » 6:13am, Wed 03 Sep, 2014

Dear All, sorry if this answered already, I couldn't find any.
Most of our emails within our own domain goes to spam. :oops:

The scenario is phplist is installed in a sub domain ( sender email id is please note we are not using email id with subdomain, its using sender email id as main domain.

Main domain email is hosted with gmail. So we dont want to use gmail smtp to send our list as we are worried that our main domain could be blacklisted and another issue is we have number emails per user set by google.

Main domain has 2 dedicated IP and one shared IP (all configured as fail over for this domain) A DNS query will show all the three IP associated with this main domain.

Sub domain is hosted on a dedicated machine with IP sharing with main domain, no email restriction whatsoever. we have set up a SPF for main domain using dnsmadeeasy where we manage all our DNS, now google is allowing the emails sent from our subdomain and its authenticated.

Still the emails are going to junk. We are planning to set up PTR now, so the question is should we set up PTR for all three IP or just the one we are sending newsletter from.

Also do we need to set up SPF for subdomain to let main domain send emails (which I dont think we will ever send emails from subdomain)

Apart from this is there any other way to make sure all our emails sent from the newsletter end up in inbox? or should I use newsletter inside a folder in main domain instead of sub domain.
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Re: Spam Control sub domain and main domain

Postby danwaterloo » 6:59am, Wed 03 Sep, 2014

This part of configuring your mail server can get rather 'interesting'.

It's good that you are separating the phpList emails from your 'regular' emails, by using a subdomain for the sending. Once you have dkim and spf setup, you'll start to build a reputation regarding the emails you send... it's based on the ip address, the domain(or subdomain in your case), the dkim record, and what the end receivers do with the emails that you send.

If 50% of the gmail recipients push the 'junk' button (or whatever the secret % is), gmail makes a global rule that all email coming in with the same headers will be automatically sent to the junk folders. Gmail also looks at who opens the email, and/or if they just send it to trash without reading. If you have someone that has received 10 emails and never looked at it, you might want to stop sending to them, in that it will increase your 'open rate', and your reputation. This is why you shouldn't buy a list, and need to be focused on the 'active' recipients.

For the ptr, that's great that you can set that up. I'd set it for all three ips. PTR records are used for reverse dns, and they are usually controlled by company that is providing your hosting. You might need to contact them to put the PTR records in their dns.

I'd also setup the spf for the subdomain.

port25 has a nice, free service for dkim keys.
You can test your settings by sending an email to their 'checker' address:

If you wish to receive the results at the address in the “mail_from”, the sample message
should be sent to
If you wish to receive the results at the address in the “from” header, the sample message
should be sent to
If you wish to receive the results at a different address from one of the addresses above,
the address need to be added to the check-auth address. For example, to send the results to: the sample message should be sent to
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