CSV Import hang

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CSV Import hang

Postby denzeli » 8:47am, Tue 09 Sep, 2014

Using PHPlist v.3.0.6 with Firefox 29

Trying to import a small list of 7147 users from a CSV file with email,firstname,lastname fields.

Upload filesize is 265,7Kb

It gets stuck with the rotating logo and message "Importing 7147 subscribers to 1 lists, please wait".

Importing smaller lists seems to work, but they also stuck at this screen even thou the import is complete. Is this normal?

When doing the import of the complete list, it does add a "random" amount of subscribers to the list ... anywhere from 100 to 200.

I'm running a VPS (4 cores, 4 gigs of memory) with nginx as webserver and PHP is run through FPM. (PHP version is 5.5.15)
I have set PHP execution time to 300s and memorylimit to 256Mb.

Any help appriciated.
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Re: CSV Import hang

Postby tlombardini » 7:44pm, Mon 06 Oct, 2014

Hello there, I have the same problem :(
I am trying to import database (previously exported from the phplist version 2) and import fails randomly.

No where to look for any error log in screen does not show anything, just sits unfinished processing load.

Did you have any solution or answer to this problem?
Thank you Regards!
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Re: CSV Import hang

Postby ZVUf » 3:44am, Thu 13 Nov, 2014

Hello everyone !
I encounter the same problem for a long time now under php version 5.3.28-1~dotdeb.0

In a previous version than phplist 3.0.10, I had found a trick to workaround that bug (maybe by not importing into any list, then editing each subscriber to fix its list ownership) but I can't redo that now.

And worst of all : the import looks good in simulation mode !

According to me, it's a very serious bug which cause both a process hang up (/tmp management ?) and some wrong messages displayed when click to the reset button.

Hope it will be fixed soon.
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Re: CSV Import hang

Postby llopezm » 2:38am, Tue 02 Dec, 2014

i always have this problem when importing from lists with characters that are not ansi enconded, try to filter and fix any character on the email column of the list.
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