can't use TLD .email ?

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can't use TLD .email ?

Postby sjb1963 » 11:56pm, Wed 10 Sep, 2014

You'll have to pardon me if this question has been asked before: I am unable to search the forums for some reason.

I have a new install of PHPList that I am trying to set up (3.0.8), and in the config screen, I am trying to add my email address which is <username>@<domain>.email.

This is a Fully Qualified Domain Name and I am unable to get PHPList to accept the changes. Is there a bug in PHPList that prevents this? Has anyone else run into this? I have been beating my head against this now for a couple of days and I'm pretty well at the end of my rope.

Any ideas/help would be much appreciated.

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Re: can't use TLD .email ?

Postby duncanc » 10:53am, Fri 12 Sep, 2014

You can disable email address validation through this setting in your config.php file by changing 2 to 0.
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