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DKIM Fails (body hash) when signing at MTA using opendkim

PostPosted: 12:02pm, Thu 11 Sep, 2014
by ryanrbftp
We are running into trouble with signing our outgoing mailings with DKIM using opendkim as a filter for Postfix.

This issue only occurs when sending HTML emails from phpList. All other text mailings and mailings from other services sign correctly and verify.

If we send the mailing as "text", then we have no problem. If we send the mailing as "HTML" then body hash fails.

This problem existed in v2, however we used to force phpList to ONLY send as HTML.

This error occurs when sending the message as a joint HTML and TEXT email (which is the default in v3).

I presume it's something to do with line breaks/returns.

Can somebody point us in the right direction?

Thanks for your help in advance.