Transactional Settings/Messages

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Transactional Settings/Messages

Postby cloud3 » 5:57am, Thu 18 Sep, 2014


I've designed all of my transactional message emails (welcome, unsubscribe, etc) in HTML format, and updated them within phpList. However, they are NOT sending in HTML format and only in plain text.

Is there any way to change the default method of sending these messages to HTML?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Transactional Settings/Messages

Postby AlanGeorge » 7:14am, Thu 18 Sep, 2014

There's a Code Enhancement (hack) available at the following address that does exactly that....

along with a bunch of other stuff that works for editions from 2.10.17 thru to 3.0.8


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Re: Transactional Settings/Messages

Postby duncanc » 12:42pm, Thu 18 Sep, 2014

I am using html formatted system messages successfully.

My recollection is that if the message text looks like html (with <> etc) then it will be sent as html, otherwise it will be sent as plain text. I also have created a system template with logo etc, and that might also be a factor.

Can you explain a bit more about what you have changed?
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Re: Transactional Settings/Messages

Postby cloud3 » 3:08pm, Fri 19 Sep, 2014

Thank you both for the reply.

Alan: There is actually no need for a hack.

Duncan: After looking into what you were talking about, I realized that a System Template has to be created under Campaigns >> Manage Campaign Templates in order for the HTML emails to work. The System Template is actually pulling the [CONTENT] from the transactional messages.

Thank you for shedding some light on this and pointing me in the right direction to find a resolution. =D
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