Using cron, phplist returns a login page.

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Using cron, phplist returns a login page.

Postby Mario Mey » 11:58am, Fri 03 Oct, 2014

I'm using Dpanel (Ferozo) from Donweb (or Dattatec), and its "Task Automator" to do Cron jobs. I configure it as

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00 * * * *  GET

So, at 0 minutes, CRON runs the command and sends me an email. This send is a lot of HTML code that I copied-pasted to a file and opened it in Firefox. I can see a PHPList login page, something like this:

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But if paste the address
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in Firefox, it logs in correctly.

Why phplist ask the server to log in? How can I avoid this?

I only can run GET command, no php, no wget.

Thanks in advace.
Mario Mey
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