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Statistics not working.

PostPosted: 7:15pm, Sun 02 Nov, 2014
by alexeiz
I have version 3.010 installed on a standard Apache server (
I've mailed to several thousand of my opt-in members list addresses and then checked the statistics - nothing! I don't mean clicks, I mean just opened mails statistics - nothing.

I've checked [USERTRACK] - in place in the footer.

Then I've mailed to about a dozen of my addresses - both gmail and my own domains. They were delivered and I opened all of them one by one. Back at PHPList - no views displayed.
So, either [USERTRACK] fails to place a pixel image into email, or request for this pixel doesn't trigger the script, or the script doesn't save the event into the database.

Any thoughts?

Re: Statistics not working.

PostPosted: 11:54am, Mon 03 Nov, 2014
by danwaterloo
What version of php is on the server?