Importing customers from PrestaShop

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Importing customers from PrestaShop

Postby newage » 10:37am, Sat 15 Nov, 2014

I export customers from PrestaShop to .csv with the following parameters:

`email` , `firstname` , `newsletter`, `id_default_group`

where "newsletter" is newsletter subscription status and "id_default_group" is the group user is assigned to.

When importing in PHPlist v3.0.10 , which PHPlist attribute should I assign to "newsletter" so that customers in PrestaShop who are opted-out from newsletter wont receive the newsletters in PHPlist ?


Also, is there a PHPlist plugin that can sync PHPlist customers with the PrestaShop customers list?
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Re: Importing from PrestaShop

Postby Dragonrider » 12:51pm, Sat 15 Nov, 2014

PrestaShop PhpList Module on Google.
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Latest phpList version is now 3.0.12 (3 February 2015) and requires a minimum of MySQL 5.0 and PHP 5.3.x
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Re: Importing from PrestaShop

Postby newage » 12:59pm, Sat 15 Nov, 2014

Dragonrider wrote:PrestaShop PhpList Module on Google.

I was asking for PHPlist plugin, this one is for Presta, it is paid and expensive.
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