FCKeditor, CKEditor, etc. not working pre and post update

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FCKeditor, CKEditor, etc. not working pre and post update

Postby synapse » 5:15am, Mon 17 Nov, 2014

Hello everyone. Prior to upgrading to 3.0.10, fck installed and used and was working fine. One day, FCK simply stopped loading. I upgraded to 3.0.10, still no luck in getting it to work. I've attempted to use CKEditor now, downloaded from the Bramley link using the plugins page. I've gone through the entire assortiment of troubleshooting the plugins page and simply cannot get and WYSIWYG to be operational. Troubleshooting has been as follows, post upgrade:

No message entry box -> disabled fck now works no WYSIWYG -> cleaned up install and put in CK editor via plugins page and link -> box now exists whether fck/ck is enabled or disabled, however neither editor will appear.

Throughout this time troubleshooting, I was using the config.php file from the previous version without problems. I came across issues around having to comment out tinymce and fck declarations. However, when I tried to use the new config.php, even when properly configured, I'm not able to login to phplist.

Any direction would be much appreciated in getting ck or fck working. Thanks.

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