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Password reset problem

PostPosted: 4:17pm, Tue 02 Dec, 2014
by greatlogix
I forgot my admin password and received a link in email to reset password. Like this

Link is not working. I am getting 404 error page after clicking the link. Same thing is happening on configuration pages. Whenever I make a change in config section, i get 404 error, info get saved though. Can you please help me in solving this issue?

Re: Password reset problem

PostPosted: 3:11pm, Wed 03 Dec, 2014
by Cornwell
This is a bit difficult to diagnose as you haven't followed the request at the head of the page
Please help the volunteers to help you by supplying the version of phpList you are using, browser & version and if possible, a link to your phpList installation.
When I get that password reset link, it is like this
(phpList is installed in its own directory phplist) The absence of the admin directory from your link makes me think you have a problem with the config, possibly the bit that in my installation is
Code: Select all
# if you change the path to the phpList system, make the change here as well
# path should be relative to the root directory of your webserver (document root)
$pageroot = '/phplist';
$adminpages = '/phplist/admin';
Does that help?

Re: Password reset problem

PostPosted: 4:38pm, Wed 03 Dec, 2014
by Dragonrider
If all else fails, you can always reset your phpList password via phpMyAdmin. A visual guide can be found on my website.