show images in message/content section in PHPList 3.0.10

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show images in message/content section in PHPList 3.0.10

Postby YPPHPList » 1:43pm, Fri 05 Dec, 2014


I'm a developer and recently I have to work with PHPList mailing system. I've installed and configured it. but one thing keeps bothering me:


We like to include images in the content and template sections, so I setted up the FCKEditor upload directory, so now i am able to upload files through the FCKEditor. But when I saw the test mail I noticed:

* Images included in the template section are embedded in the message.
* Images included in the message/content section are blocked my many e-mail clients.

Email client notification: "Some pictures have been blocked to prevent the sender from identifying your computer. Click here to download pictures"

I don't want to explicitly download the images before the mail client shows them.

But I like to show the images automatically, so I had to come up with a quick & dirty workaround:

* Step 1: Go to my templates and start editing a template: switch the editor to Code Mode:

Insert image code(s) <img src="myimage.png" />

* Step 2: after I inserted the image(s) I want to use in my content section click save

* Step 3: When saving the template the system determines if the image(s) exists, If they do not exists, it allows me to upload a file (myimage.png). After I chose a file I click save.

* Step 4: Go to the Message/content section and select the message in which I like to include the image(s) I want, when i save the message and send a test e-mail to my address i shows automatically the included image...


1. Are there easier ways to embed my images in the message/cotent section?
2. Why does the message/content section does not have a function that allow me to include/embed images like when i edit a template.
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Re: show images in message/content section in PHPList 3.0.10

Postby duncanc » 4:04pm, Fri 05 Dec, 2014

There is a constant EMBEDUPLOADIMAGES that controls whether to embed images. See But this applies only to images that have been uploaded using the editor, not to other images that might be referenced.
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