First image repeated for multiple distinct embedded images

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First image repeated for multiple distinct embedded images

Postby cloverpark » 5:24pm, Tue 23 Dec, 2014

Hi, I've a strange problem with multiple embedded images on a template. Even though I use different names, e.g. image1.png, image2.png and upload and save 3 distinct images, if I send a campaign using that template, the first image is repeated and displayed on where the 2nd and 3rd images should have been shown.

I had to edit the template and reupload the images. After one edit. The 2nd image appears but the 3rd image is still a repeat of the 1st image.

The strange thing is that the 3 distinct images appear when I preview the template.

Also, previous when I used PHPList, early this year using another template, it appeared to be working. The result appears to be inconsistent.

I'm trying to send Xmas greeting cards. Please help me! :(

Note: I'm using PHPList 3.0.5 on IIS 6 FCGI, PHP 5.3.29 and MySQL 5.0.45.

I'm embedding images using the following method:

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<a href=""><img src="logo-cnd2015.png" width="170" height="48" alt="" /> <img src="logo-alert2015.png" width="210" height="46" alt="" /></a></p>
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