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Question about importing from CMS

PostPosted: 12:53am, Fri 02 Jan, 2015
by coRpSE
I was recently approached to see if this system could work for a friends site. He is running Nuke Evolution Xtreme CMS which is a upgraded version of the PhpNuke CMS. He directed me to this page: ... hn_PHPNuke

But I noticed the "PhpNuke" script has been removed, well, no longer exist. I was wondering if that system if still out there would work, if not, then what information would need to be pulled from the Evo Xtreme CMS DB to be put into this database. Also, the information pulled, what table would it need to go into.

I am willing to try to write a bridge where we can extract the subscribers from the Evo DB and put it into the phplist db. Just not sure what tables that will need to get the info into. I looked around this site and in the forums for a couple of hours, (Without using the search for I am not "authorized" to use the search), and really did not find the information that I need.

He is just looking for something that will replace a system that is on his site and integrated with the CMS that can send batch emails for he has close to 10,000 emails for his newsletter and does not want to overtax his host. He does not have access to cron jobs so he is hoping he can do that with this system.

Evo Xtreme CMS uses the same DB setup as PhpNuke and it uses a forum system based off of phpbb 2.0.23, just again, heavily modified.

Version of the system would be the current one that is available, v3.0.10. Any direction is greatly appreciated.

Re: Question about importing from CMS

PostPosted: 9:11am, Wed 21 Jan, 2015
by coRpSE
quite a few views on this post...


Re: Question about importing from CMS

PostPosted: 11:39am, Wed 21 Jan, 2015
by Dragonrider
As you say, the external link to phpNuke bridge site seems to have gone, BUT this was written for version 2 of phpList. So this would need a php developer to write code suitable for Version 3 (current: 3.0.11).

Once you've made your 2nd post, the forum search facility is I believe open to you.