Remove emails from suppression list?

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Remove emails from suppression list?

Postby xtfx » 2:33pm, Fri 23 Jan, 2015


I am coming over from Campaign Monitor and in trying to add suppressed emails from my campaign monitor list to the suppression list in phplist, my copy didn't work correctly and instead all of my users were added to the suppression list. Obviously, this sucks.

Is there a way to remove users from the suppression list?
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Re: Remove emails from suppression list?

Postby Cornwell » 5:29pm, Sun 25 Jan, 2015

If you go to the Reconcile Subscribers page, there is an option to mark all users of a particular list confirmed. Could you do that, and then re-do the suppression but this time only with the correct list of users to be suppressed?
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