Missing Maillist processing info?

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Missing Maillist processing info?

Postby kiwitinker » 6:16am, Sun 01 Mar, 2015

Hi there,
Currently still on 3.0.6 due to update to the newest version shortly.

I wonder if I am missing something? Had been a phplist user for a long time (multiple years) - great product!

After sending a campain I used to get an email with the subject line "Maillist processing info", which contained all the emails this campaign had been sent to.
Now all I get is a 'summary' email with subject line "PHPlist stats"

What I know I changed is (all at the same time :-o) New server, changed software to 3.0.6 and configured batch processing. My hunch is that the last item in this list is the culprit?

I would like to use batch processing to not trigger any spam checkers, but this report as to who got what is very useful. Some of my settings:
Default for 'email address to alert when sending starts' not set
Default for 'email address to alert when sending finishes' not set.
Send notifications about subscribe, update and unsubscribe YES and I get these!
Who gets the reports (email address, separate multiple emails with a comma) set

Please tell me I am simply overlooking something.

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