Bounces and blacklisting

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Bounces and blacklisting

Postby ComputingFroggy » 11:50pm, Mon 09 Mar, 2015


I am trying to figure out how to use the bounces messages and to blakclist or unregister them.

I've found this page, which is old (v2) documentation:

I did not get bounce messages when I used v2, so I've got no experience of using this.
What I understand is:
-once set up correctly the bounces messages get their way into phpList, each time the Process bounces is ran.
- more over Process bounces also check the list of bounces in phpList (which have been just added by the Process or already from a previous bounces import) against the rules. If a rule checks out, the matching action is executed.
- the rules can be set up manually or using the Generate Bounce Rules button.

I do get bounces messages filling up each time I run the Process bounces.
Basically, I have set up rules to :
- add subscriber to the do-not-send-list and delete bounce: for all the delivery failures
- unconfirm subscriber and delete bounce: for all the mailbox full failures.

I assume the #bncs is the number of messages matching the rule on which it has been applied.
I have by mistake used add email address to the do-no-send-list and delete bounce instead of add subscriber to the do-not-send-list and delete bounce (note the email adress/subscriber difference). I do not know what the difference is between the two, but at the end of the day, when listing the subscriber blacklisted, phpList gives me only 108 subscribers ... but in the phplist_user_blacklist table, I have 2979 rows.
Also looking at the phplist_user_blacklist, the added column has a zero date "0000-00-00 00:00:00" for all the emails marked with "reason" "Auto blacklisted" in phplist_user_blacklist_data: I assume this is a bug.
To black list all the users, I assume I should run an update on phplist_user_user table joining on phplist_user_blacklist: is this correct ?
What's the use of adding emails do not send list vs subscriber to the do-not-send-list ?
(to make things clearer the do-not-send-list should be called blacklist ... as this is the terminology used everywhere else, that puzzled me a bit)

What still does puzzle me is:
- I have a bit less than 200 bounces that don't get caught by my rules ... even though the text of some rules matches their message body (most of them have an unknown message ? ! ?).
- I have about 160 bounces marked as unidentified (and with message unknown and subscriber unknown): how could I process them ? The email adress is in the message body.

Sorry for the long email. Thanks for reading me.
Any help will be apreciated.

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