Blacklisted user keeps getting 'you are unsubscribed' mail

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Blacklisted user keeps getting 'you are unsubscribed' mail

Postby NetAdDicT » 4:20pm, Thu 12 Mar, 2015

One of our blacklisted users keeps getting the 'you have been unsubscribed' messages, about 4 times a day. After he informed us, I went looking for the problem and saw that there was a message 'suspended', for this one user. The user was however on the blacklist and unsubscribed for all newletters.

In the log for this user, I can find 11x the description "Added to blacklist", on different days and from different IP addresses. This seems a lot...

Is there a bug that blacklisted people can get more than once the 'unsubscribed' mail?

I figured out that the problem is not only a phplist problem. According to my findings, the users' cellphone (***SPAM*** Galaxy S5, Android 4.4.2) automatically reloads the open tabs at some point (I don't know when exactly, I don't own one), and I assume the unsubscribe page is still open in one of the tabs. However, once on the blacklist, I would expect that the user would never get an email ever again, even no 'you are unsubscribed' mails ! PhpList should check if the user isn't blackisted yet, then send the mail and then blacklist the user...

Best regards,
Dave G.
phplist 3.0.12 (same problem with 3.1.1)
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