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question about users changing their details

PostPosted: 10:55am, Sun 15 Mar, 2015
by pfb

I start to feel like I'm imposing on this board... :)

So I received a message from the system about one of my users changing his details.
Other than updating his email address and Institution, he managed to change his "status" to unconfirmed.
The message I received from the system looks like this

email = new@email
*changed* from old@email
confirmed = 0
*changed* from 1
Institution = new institution
*changed* from old institution

How could he do that? Does that depend on some parameter which ultimately require the administrator intervention?
I tried and changed some details in one of my addresses, but I could not see how to "unconfirm" myself. The system simply noted the change and sent a message to me (both as a user and as an administrator) notifying the change.

Could the status change above be really intentional? Should I manually confirm my user's new address?