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Error sending message when processing via commandline

PostPosted: 8:16am, Tue 14 Apr, 2015
by ivordurham
I have installed phpList 3.0.12 and have successfully sent a test campaign manually via the browser. As the next setup step I changed MANUALLY_PROCESS_QUEUE to zero to process queues via the commandline and created the necessary bash script. When I try to process a campaign via the commandline, I get (recipient e-mail address suppressed):
phpList - Found them: 1 to process [0.0008230000] (120)
phpList - Processing batch of: 1 [0.0005390000] (126)
phpList - Error sending message 3 (1/450) to ( [0.0269890000] (150)
phpList - Size of HTML email: 11Kb [0.0002750000] (152)
phpList - Processed 1 out of 1 subscribers [0.0008670000] (160)
phpList - Script stage: 5 [0.0002940000] (162)
phpList - 1 failed (will retry later) [0.0001320000] (163)

Any ideas on why (or how to diagnose why) the failure occurs only when sending the campaign via the commandline but not while sending manually?

[RESOLVED] Error sending message when processing via command

PostPosted: 4:48pm, Tue 14 Apr, 2015
by ivordurham
I discovered that this problem depends on the environment. The failure occurred on a manual installation on a site hosted at HostGator. I replicated the installation on my development system and the queue processed normally. I found a couple of configuration recommendations from HostGator and made the following changes, after which the queue processed normally:

-define("MAILQUEUE_BATCH_SIZE", 450);



I cannot explain the actual cause of the original error, but perhaps this discovery may help anyone with a similar mystery.