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Postby Sven2157 » 5:08pm, Wed 04 Sep, 2013

I have seen this a couple times, and while I wait for my computer to scan and recover data, I thought I would write this ... ( it will take you longer to read this, than to perform these actions! )


Disclaimer: What you do to your data is up to you! I am not responsible for you wiping everything out. I wrote this to assist those, who are sure they need to delete all subscribers. If you are unsure - DON'T DO THIS!

Let's begin: The feature has been altered a bit since v2. I suspect it was to eliminate accidental subscriber deletion. You will soon see that this process provides you with a backup of your subscribers - just in case!

  1. Log in to your admin account.
  2. Navigate to 'Subscribers >> Manage subscribers'
  3. Click 'Export subscribers'. This is a two step action.
    1. The first, backs up EVERYTHING:
      • Choose 'Any date'
      • Click Export with all the defaults selected
      • Save the file somewhere.
    2. The second gets your DELETE list:
      • Untick ALL boxes except 'EMAIL'.
      • Click 'Export'
      • Rename the file to: 'EMAILONLY.CSV'
      • Save it to your Desktop
  4. Minimize your browser
  5. Open the 'EMAILONLY.CSV' file with Notepad++
    • - In Notepad ++
      • The EMAILONLY.CSV file should just be:
        • Email
        • List Membership
        • First row should say: 'Email,List Membership'
      • We can't have the 'List Membership', so we will remove them.
        1. Press 'CTRL+H' to bring up the 'Find and replace ..'.
        2. In the bottom left click 'Regular expression'
        3. In the 'Find what :' box type:
          Code: Select all

        4. Leave the 'Replace with :' box empty
        5. Click the 'Replace All' button on the right
        6. This removes everything but the email addresses.
      • At the top of the list, remove 'Email' from the first row
      • Now, the first entry should be your admin email
      • Remove your admin email!
      • Press 'CTRL+A' to select all, then 'CTRL+C' to copy.
  6. Bring the browser window back up
  7. Navigate back to 'Subscribers >> Manage subscribers'
  8. Click 'Bulk remove subscribers'.
  9. Paste( 'CTRL+V' ) the new 'EMAILONLY.CSV' content into the white area; below the 'Continue' button.
  10. Press 'Continue'
  11. All your subscribers are gone!
Please be careful! This is a rather permanent action.

However, should you need to restore everything:

  1. Navigate to 'Subscribers >> Import subscribers'
  2. Click 'Import by uploading a csv file with emails and additional data'
  3. Scroll down to: 'File containing emails:'
  4. Click 'Choose File'
  5. Navigate to where you stored your FULL CSV from above
  6. In the 'Field Delimiter' box type; , <-- just a comma
  7. Click the 'Import button at the bottom
  8. After the Test run, confirm everything looks right
  9. Either:
    • Continue, and do a full import
    • Back out and make your change( s ) - Repeat
  10. All Finished!

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