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Where is the error log?

PostPosted: 4:21pm, Tue 05 Nov, 2013
by RobbBBS
I saw some posts about checking the error log, but don't see it on my server and don't see an option for it in admin.

I'm on the latest 3.05. Dreamhost hosting. (I use ZenCart on another domain and know where that error log is.)

Re: Where is the error log?

PostPosted: 4:32pm, Tue 05 Nov, 2013
by jimlongo
Usually set up in php.ini or your .htaccess file.

In your .htaccess file you could try
Code: Select all
php_flag  log_errors on
php_value error_log  /home/ACCOUNT/public_html/phplist/PHP_errors.log

You need to find the correct information for the last line from your provider if you don't know it.

Also there is the apache error log that you can either find through your control panel, or if you have shell access via command line (depending on your server OS it could be in various places) .

Re: Where is the error log?

PostPosted: 7:42pm, Tue 05 Nov, 2013
by RobbBBS
Thanks for the quick reply. After checking the panel, I realized Dreamhost automatically created the log at "/home/username/logs/" (I saw the log directory earlier, but didn't think it was from the phplist program because it was outside the phplist directories.)

Thing is, some new test emails failed and nothing showed up in that log directory. That's before and after I made changes to the .htaccess file, which I've since reverted to the original file since it now doesn't seem necessary to adjust. The only thing is that inside the log folder, there is no "http" folder after clicking Is that normal?

Damn, everything was fine yesterday...