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Disable the second email, welcome email, suscription confirm

PostPosted: 10:55am, Wed 06 Nov, 2013
by juanmi
¡Hi! This is my first post in this forum. The first, thanks to the people of phpList for make our life easier. The second thing, sorry for my English, I'm from Spain and my English is not very well.

My problem is the next: I need disable the second email, when the user confirm their suscription, the default configuration send the Welcome Email with the Preferences url. I need disable the message they receive when they confirm their subscription.

It's posible?

Thanks in advance!


Re: Disable the second email, welcome email, suscription con

PostPosted: 1:07pm, Thu 07 Nov, 2013
by RobbBBS
I also looked here wanting to know and then found the answer in the Version 2 Zone:

For V3.05, it's line 653 for the Welcome message and line 806 for the Goodbye message.


PostPosted: 10:37am, Fri 08 Nov, 2013
by juanmi
Thanks RobbBBs !!!!

I comment the line 653

Code: Select all
sendMail($userdata["email"], getConfig("confirmationsubject:$id"), $confirmationmessage,system_messageheaders(),$envelope);

And works ;-)