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Process Queue Workaround (sort of) Using Auto Refresh

PostPosted: 2:45pm, Thu 07 Nov, 2013
by farmrchrys
So I discovered I can't, apparently, process the queue from the command line because phpList is asking for an older version of Zend than the one installed on my shared host :( I was encountering lots of stalls trying to process the queue from the browser, but I am having somewhat better success trying to send 4500 messages on a shared server that restricts me to 200 msgs/hr. this way:

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# Set number of messages per batch period:
# batch period in seconds. 3600 seconds =1 hour:
# Pause between messages (in seconds) to avoid overloading the server:

I'd still get stalls that required me to manually refresh

Google Chrome (and supposedly Firefox) has some auto refresh extensions. I chose "Super Auto Refresh" and set it to refresh the processqueue page every 30 minutes.

Sometimes this goes for several hours. Other times it stops because the session expires. I added
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to my config file (that's 24 hours) as per another forum post, but this seems to have no effect.

I'm waiting for information on a patch or phpList upgrade to deal with the Zend issue.