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Remove/disable delete list button?

PostPosted: 8:29pm, Thu 05 Dec, 2013
by Herring
Hi I've recently upgraded from an old 2.1.xx version to version 3.05 (twice). I think I have everything nicely configured and running smoothly, thanks very much developers.

Now to my problem. I have a user (admin) who I just want to be able to compose and send messages. I am the super admin and actually own all of the lists. In order for this other person to be able to create and send messages I turned ownership of a list over to her. She sent out an email to that list and then Deleted the list. I would like to disable or remove the Delete button from her view, or find another way of letting her just send mail. Not view, add, edit or delete members, or delete the list. Please see attached screen shot for clarification.