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how to avoid IP address backlisting

PostPosted: 4:04pm, Thu 26 Dec, 2013
by imrankh

I am continuously rotating ip address and domain name to send campaign mailer but still IP address got blacklisted.
Please let me know, how to avoid IP address backlisting?

Imran Khan.

Re: how to avoid IP address backlisting

PostPosted: 11:37pm, Thu 16 Jan, 2014
by danwaterloo
Hi Imran,

You have asked a very important question, and it isn't a simple answer. The best way to work towards being 'not blacklisted' is to follow many 'best practices' suggested by the major ISPs of the world. In the USA, you search on google for "Bulk sending guidelines" for AOL, Comcast, Google, Yahoo, RR,, Verizon, and others.

Basically, you need to have opt-in email addresses, handle bounces promptly, have feedback loops for the major isps, have your dns setup properly (forward and reverse), and use dkim and domainkeys headers, perhaps rate limit your sending to various ISPs, and warming up IP addresses.

That might not be enough, but once the above is done, you can go to the next step. SendGrid has some good whitepapers on best practices, as well as Mailchimp...

Re: how to avoid IP address backlisting

PostPosted: 3:48am, Wed 19 Feb, 2014
by Heritage
Are you using the advance bounce handling and seeing exactly why you are getting what is called block bounces?

Advanced bounce processing with advanced bounce handling you are able to define regular expressions that match bounces and the action that needs to be taken when an expression matches. This will improve getting rid of bad emails in your system, which will be a good thing for making sure you are not being blacklisted by other mail systems.

When you use this, you will need to teach your system regularly about patterns in new bounces

There are Hard Bounces, Soft Bounces, and Block Bounces. If you have two many of the first two you could get RBLed, but if you have Block Bounces... then you need to look at the reasons why in the advanced bounce handling. Turn it on and you will process some emails to build out your rules and repair your situation.

All the best,

Rob James