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Possible to Undelete a Deleted Message?

PostPosted: 6:31am, Fri 27 Dec, 2013
by houseofcakes
So, I accidentally requeued a message and instead of suspending it, I deleted it to get it out of the queue. Duh.

Does phpList store the deleted message in a holding area or just flag it as deleted, or does it actually remove it from the db? I can't find it in the db, so I'm thinking I'm SOL and just wanted to know for sure.


Re: Possible to Undelete a Deleted Message?

PostPosted: 8:52am, Fri 27 Dec, 2013
by Dragonrider
As far as I know, the only way to recover a deleted message is to restore your database from your last saved DB copy. If you haven't backed it up at all or prior to deleting your message, then it's gone.

You should always backup any database regularly (I know, locking the stable after the horse has bolted advice).

The only other possibility is to look at the email copy you received (you did include your own email address in the sending didn't you?) and cut and paste from that.