SMTP AUTH Server Config Issues

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SMTP AUTH Server Config Issues

Postby linux4life » 7:53pm, Wed 29 Jan, 2014


I ran into the problem that PHPList was not respecting my username and password for my SMTP server.

I happen to be using sendgrid.

After struggling with the issue and reading numerous posts about changing blocks of code in class files, I was easily able to correct the problem using the following steps :

1. I gave up on editing config_extended.php
2. In config.php I pasted the following lines (taken from config_extended.php) directly below

Code: Select all
$phpmailer_smtpuser = 'myUserName'; // My Username
$phpmailer_smtppassword = 'myPassWord'; // My Password
define('PHPMAILERPORT',587); // My default port (usually 25)

I pasted that into the first section, right after it defines PHPMAILERHOST

Easy fix.

Works like a charm.
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Re: SMTP AUTH Server Config Issues

Postby Dragonrider » 9:39pm, Wed 29 Jan, 2014

Or you could have simply renamed config_extended.php to config.php as advise in the FAQ's, or as stated at the top of the config.php file:
Code: Select all
* The minimum requirements to get phpList working are in this file.
* If you are interested in tweaking more options, check out the config_extended.php file

Though to be honest, it doesn't actually say that you have to rename config_extended.php to config.php which does seem to have been a bit of an oversight considering how many times the question is raised.
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