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Use two browsers on big lists

PostPosted: 3:00pm, Tue 06 May, 2014
by adoni
I'm new to this script, but I already see a problem with chrome and big lists.

If you have many thousands of emails processing, you see the processing window, so you want to do some work on another list or whatever in the script, you open another window to admin whatever in chrome.

You are looking at 14K dialup speeds, LOL

I mean SLOWWWWWWWW is being nice

You can't do much with a big batch processing

So I opened the admin area up in FF while chrome was bogged down

Normal admin speed

Now I'm not sure if this is a chrome issue, or just an overall browser issue, but you cannot do anything almost in the script when a large batch is processing unless you do this little 'trick' I just figured out, using multiple browsers to run the script in a batch and do admin stuff like analysis or bounces or whatever, in another browser.

I hope it's just chrome, since chrome is well you know terrible.

Re: Use two browsers on big lists

PostPosted: 5:33am, Sun 11 May, 2014
by Heritage
This is something with almost all scripts. Not just phpList. If your in the admin and want to do another function. You will need to 1. connect from another computer or 2. connect from another type of browser. Say if your in Chrome. Connect with FireFox for your second task.

Been like this for years over all the ESPs and scripts.

Re: Use two browsers on big lists

PostPosted: 3:14pm, Thu 02 Oct, 2014
by NYChris
Sending via SSH allows me to process and send at 25,000 per hour while not using a browser or cronjob.
Login using Putty
Go to your install/admin directory
Type: php -q index.php -p processqueue > /dev/null