My 2 Cents

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My 2 Cents

Postby adoni » 5:52pm, Wed 07 May, 2014


Having use the script a few days now

All I can say is NICE

I have some ancient lists from the early days of the Net, so I uploaded them and ran the first one, it had like 50% bounces and I was able to figure out pretty easily how to get rid of all the invalids that bounced due to having ancient email addresses in the batch, I mean when you have 130K emails and none are gmail, that explains how old the list was.


Anyway, we uploaded some other email lists and they do share many common subscribers and the new lists were checked to the first list we ran with 130K emails and the new lists were automatically cleaned due to the bounces in the first.


I wasn't expecting that, so major props to the team that put this great script together.

All I can say is my email sends are now 50% of the time my old script used, since the bounces were sent over and over, with this script, 1 invalid bounce and all the lists are cleaned.

Also, another major prop for the way bounces are handled throughout all the lists, as we process more bounces, all the lists with that address are cleaned.

It's very easy to work with too, as far as creating custom pages for join info for just one site or sending people to the main join where they can choose which lists to join.

I wish I had this in the 1990's.

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